Instrument Shed is your online source for trending musical instruments.

Our mission is to put instruments into as many hands as possible and make playing music accessible to all.

We hope to encourage anyone interested in learning a new instrument to dive in and try it out.

We have an extensive selection of ukuleles, which are a great choice for beginners. The small and easily remembered chords on the ukulele are excellent for a novice to pick up quickly and start playing songs. It's possible to play many popular songs with the knowledge of 4 to 5 chords. This rapid learning is the best boost for confidence with music, and helps keep the interest in music growing.

For those interested in classical music, our violin selections are available in 4 sizes and our line of beautiful artisan violins are designed keep a budding instrumentalist entranced with their instrument. Practice time can be fun and exciting. Everyone feels special when they get to play on a special instrument.

The accessories selection on site is growing daily, with items like picks, stands, tuners and fun instruments like kazoos and shakers.

Music teachers and parents will find us a reliable instrument source for kids and young students, with reasonable prices and free shipping to most states.